3 Surprising Things a Warehouse in Vancouver Can Do for Your Business

3 Surprising Things a Warehouse in Vancouver Can Do for Your Business

March 29, 2024
Commercial Warehousing Vancouver

When most people think of warehouses in Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, they picture a big square building filled with wall-to-wall boxes and crates. For the longest time, warehouses have been thought of as static facilities with one purpose: storage. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In today’s business landscape, warehouses are dynamic and technologically advanced systems offering a wide variety of shipping, storage, logistical, and consultation services to all sorts of entrepreneurs. Here are 3 services you can obtain from commercial warehousing in Vancouver that might surprise you!

Organizational expertise

Running a business in Vancouver is complicated. There are endless chores and so many details that cannot be overlooked. As a business owner, you have a foot in each camp. You are the face of the business for your customers, but you are also managing relationships with suppliers and wholesalers behind the scenes. Managing the connections, supply chain, and shipping systems that stretch between manufacturer and customer requires a great deal of organization and knowledge.

Luckily, by working with a warehouse in Vancouver, you gain access to their expert knowledge of these operations as well as the technology that serves these purposes. Warehouses have efficient WMS (warehouse management systems) that utilize software to manage inventory, track shipping, and keep information accessible at all times. Because of these systems, warehouses can also offer services such as order consolidation for smaller shipments looking to share freight costs with third parties. Warehouses can offer logistics services and consultation that can streamline your business’s operations and ensure that you and your goods are benefiting from the most cost-efficient and timely storing, shipping, and packaging services.

Professional Tetris

If you’ve ever moved into an apartment full of belongings, you can appreciate the artistry involved in packing items into a truck. When it comes to the business end of packing containers, you’re going to want professional help. Adding “commercial warehousing Vancouver” to your list of business must-haves allows you to benefit from container stuffing and de-stuffing services. Knowing just how to load a cargo of all shapes, sizes, weights, and delivery points takes a certain amount of finesse, as well as the right equipment and staffing power to load things efficiently. Leave the Tetris to the experts and work with a warehouse in Vancouver for your business’s container stuffing and de-stuffing needs.

At a crossroads

Not only can a warehouse in Vancouver offer logistical services as well as packing and unpacking, but many also specialize in a very handy practice known as “cross-docking.” Cross-docking is a method of shipping that connects the supplier and the destination of goods using a quick stop at a warehouse where goods are unloaded at a specially constructed docking area, sorted, repackaged (if needed), and quickly reloaded into outgoing trucks. Minimizing the time they are kept at the warehouse and maximizing the timely fulfillment of orders as well as the shelf life of perishable products such as foods, cosmetics, and supplements. With cross-docking services, goods are not typically held at the warehouse longer than 24-48 hours. This type of service is also helpful for essential goods that are time-sensitive and drop-shipping companies that don’t want to house inventory.

A big part of running a successful business is recognizing where your expertise ends and the need for a partnership begins. Aligning with services from professional commercial warehousing in Vancouver like the experts at Comet Warehousing can get you the support you need to let go of the logistical stress and focus on making your business thrive.