Container De-Stuffing & Loading

Container De-Stuffing & Loading

Container Stuffing and De-Stuffing

At Comet Warehousing, we provide container stuffing and de-stuffing services for all our clients in Vancouver, Burnaby, and the entire Lower Mainland. Our warehouse is fully equipped to handle all types of shipments and also provides storage space for goods as needed. We offer the best in container stuffing and de-stuffing at reasonable rates in our high state-of-the-art distribution system.

What is Container Stuffing?
Container stuffing is an integral part of the logistics and distribution process. The concept of “stuffing” entails loading the designated goods into containers which are then transported to a warehouse distribution centre where it is further packed and delivered to the recipient or end-user. Now, what makes this important — is that it allows for maximum area and amount of space to be available for that given shipment. Hence the container is “stuffed” with the shipment of goods which will significantly reduce the expense of shipping and make room for more goods to be shipped across the entire warehouse and distribution centre at one given time.

What is Container Destuffing?
The process of container de-stuffing occurs when the shipment of goods arrives at its destination. Every shipment for container stuffing has to be delivered to a warehouse distribution facility to have it “destuffed”. The shipment of goods is organized, packed, and sent for delivery for all distribution. Why destuffing is so vital is because it allows the warehouse distribution facility to track all incoming and outgoing goods, accurately and efficiently distribute the items, and aids in reducing the time it takes to process.

If you require any container stuffing or destuffing in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, get in touch with us now!