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All businesses, but especially small businesses are always looking for ways to save money. Importing, storing, and transporting goods are three aspects of business ownership that contribute to a significant portion of the cost of doing business. One way to spend less is by cross-docking. Several warehousing businesses offer cross-docking services in Vancouver. Notably, Comet Warehousing offers cross-docking services, with products being held for a maximum of two days on the floor. Businesses (especially small-sized and new start-ups) are constantly looking to save costs. Some operational overheads that businesses bear are the costs of importing, transporting, and storing the goods that they sell. This is where the concept of cross-docking services comes into play.

Cross-docking is a warehousing service that is offered in a time-sensitive manner to bring in and move inventory swiftly and quickly. Cross-docking omits the long-term storing part of the logistics process. This means that shipment is brought in from an incoming truck or vessel and passed off directly to an outgoing truck or vessel and only kept at our commercial warehouse for a maximum of 2 days.

Cross-docking is usually done in one of two ways- the market for model method and the door-to-door method. The door-to-door method operates by notifying the party who is purchasing the goods of the incoming shipment order thereby making room and being given time to expect and organize the labeling of it. The market for model method ensures that the buyer and supplier have prearranged and coordinated with each other as to what exact items are incoming, where they should be located or placed, and typically no reliance on labeling is required.

The advantages of cross-docking services in Vancouver include saving long-term storage costs, speeding up the delivery process, and giving external parties and individuals such as truckers a chance to pick up goods on an empty load drive and make use of their miles for picking up and dropping off good along their routes. Business owners can thereby benefit from using cross-docking services by investing more money into other operational aspects of the business aside from warehouse storage costs.

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