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Freight Consolidation Services

As a commercial warehouse distribution centre, we deal with thousands of items of goods that arrive, stay, and leave our distribution facility on a daily basis. Around the clock, goods are constantly being brought in, stored, and imported to their destinations. A lot of the movement of goods comes from the arrival and departure process which can also be further broken down to save on time and costs. Freight consolidation options can come in very handy for businesses whose goods are not stored in shared warehouse settings.

Small businesses, startups, and drop shippers are constantly looking to save costs on the delivery loads and have a few options in doing so in their freight consolidation expenses. Goods can be shipped according to delivery time, storage sharing, anticipated arrival, and budget.

Clients can opt for the less than truckload shipping method (otherwise referred to as LTL) freight method. This involves transporting goods that do not require a whole lot of space or are not too much in count and do not require as much bulk room as a full truckload would. Alternatively, sellers can opt to wait for their item bulk to increase and build up more items to transport but risk the delivery due dates and miss the requested arrival dates (otherwise known as RAD) and run into supply fulfilment issues. Lastly, the option of freight consolidation services with a third party logistics (otherwise knows as a 3PL provider) with whom your load can share the ride with. This helps in cutting the costs, sending shipments in large bulk orders, and is an economically feasible option eliminating carbon emissions caused by the freight vehicles.

There are several benefits of using freight consolidation services for freight and logistics distribution methods for all types of businesses. They work to;

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