Storage and Distribution Services

Storage & Distribution

Storage and Distribution Services

Our warehousing and distribution services are something we highly pride ourselves on. We provide services to offer all types of storage and distribution for big and small businesses alike. Our distribution centre in Burnaby receives and stores a diverse variety of goods and inventory for our clients. When potential clients are looking for a storage and distribution centre, they are often come across us either by referral or our reputation for being pioneers in the warehousing industry.

Our commercial warehouse distribution facility is well patrolled with a state-of-the-art alarm system, offers technological advancements in importing, storing, and transporting goods, hosts large surface areas making it one of the biggest in size capacity, includes forklift services, protection against theft, floods, and fires, and greater accountability in the tracking and movement of all incoming and outgoing goods.

Our storage facility is climate controlled for storing all types of temperature-sensitive goods which is especially important for small businesses, start-ups, and drop-shippers who have such requirements to ensure their goods are stored and delivered without compromising on the condition and quality of their goods. Another great reason why storage and distribution in warehouses are so popular is due to the supply and demand of seasonal products and goods, especially for particular businesses who otherwise do not carry such seasonal goods during the off-season or those who wish to but do not have the space capacity to do so on-site. Storage of such goods also helps save on expensive retail space for such products that will not move as quickly or be sold year-round.

Comet Warehousing offers commercial warehousing solutions in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to protect your commercial goods from damage, theft, and loss of inventory due to spoilage, and provides protection from insect infestations in our temperature-controlled and frequently patrolled warehouse. Our trusted clients have relied on our Comet Warehouse for all their commercial warehouse needs since 1944 and ensure: