The Benefits of Commercial Warehousing

The Benefits of Commercial Warehousing

April 23, 2022
Commercial Warehousing Vancouver

The Benefits of Commercial Warehousing

5 Ways Commercial Warehousing Can Benefit Your Business

With the e-commerce boom showing no sign of slowing down, the pressure is on businesses to deliver their goods to retailers and consumers faster all while shrinking margins are forcing them to keep costs low.The logistics involved in keeping supply chains quick and lean is enough to drive even the most experienced business person in question. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to help relieve some of the pressure- commercial warehousing services.

Here are five reasons you should consider employing commercial warehousing services around Vancouver.

1. Streamline Your Distribution

Commercial warehousing service allows you to keep inventory on hand for when you need it thereby effectively eliminating the potential for lengthy shipping delays, empty shelves, and unhappy customers.

For example, if you anticipate a sharp increase in orders over the busy holiday season or during a promotional period, you can temporarily stock up on inventory using a commercial warehouse. Likewise, you can store slower-moving inventory in a warehouse rather than taking up limited in-store space.

2. Improve Inventory Management

If you are storing inventory in multiple places such as in more than one country, it becomes time-consuming tryingto keep accurate inventory records. Commercial warehouses around Vancouver operate sophisticated inventory management systems so you always know what you have on hand, where it is, where it’s going, and when you need to order more.

3. Consolidate Your Outbound Shipments

Shipping inventory can be expensive, particularly when you frequently transport small orders of multiple goods. A commercial warehouse lets you consolidate all your small orders into a larger delivery, saving time and money on transportation and shipping costs.

4. Take Advantage of Cross-Docking Services

Hiring a commercial warehouse doesn’t necessarily require you to pay fees for inventory storage. A growing trend in commercial warehousing is cross-docking, a service area where inbound goods are stored for a very short period (typically less than 72 hours) in a designated staging area before making their way onto outbound trucks.

Cross-docking provides many of the benefits of commercial warehousing. It has cost-effective shipping, consolidation, and de-consolidation all without the storage fees.

5. Security

Where your goods are stored can dramatically impact the safety and security of your inventory. Many retail storage facilities and offices are equipped with only the most basic security system – if any at all. This puts your inventory at risk of theft or damage and your insurance on the hook for replacement costs.

Commercial warehouses are typically equipped with state-of-the-art security and fire prevention systems to help keep goods kept in the storage safe. In the event that something does happen, all the goods stored in a commercial warehouse are covered by that facility’s insurance policy thereby they are fully responsible for any damage or loss.