What Exactly Are Logistics and Distribution & Why Does My Business Need Them?

What Exactly Are Logistics and Distribution & Why Does My Business Need Them?

November 21, 2022
Logistics Warehousing and Distribution

We’ve all watched that scene in a movie where someone lists their job title as something having to do with logistics or distribution, and the listener’s eyes glaze over. In reality, logistics are far less abstract than they’re made out to be and far more essential to the success of your business than you would think. Here is why your business could benefit from logistics warehousing and distribution to operate at its best.

Logistics are more than just Sudoku

Everyone who has ever attended elementary school is familiar with logic puzzles. You’re given a grid and an assortment of information and you then solve the puzzle by determining that if A equals B, then C equals D, and so fourth. It’s all fun and games until you need to apply a similar process to your business. Much like a logic puzzle, the inner workings of a booming business can be complicated. Successful businesses need to meet customer demand by ticking off all the boxes of manufacturing, labeling, storing, delivering, and everything else involved. Beyond the administrative demands of running a business, just the basics of getting your product made and onto shelves can be very overwhelming. Because of this, many commercial warehouses have capitalized on both their experience and their facilities by offering logistics warehousing and distribution services all in one. This way, businesses can streamline their logistics by having many of their operational needs such as packaging, storing, and shipping their goods, met in one location by one provider. If your business has a great line of products, but you’re drowning in the logistics of how to get those products where they need to be in a timely and cost-effect way, try working with a local warehousing expert to streamline your process.

Distribution is in the details

Historically, warehouses have offered large and secure spaces to store inventory long-term until it is ready for the next step in the supply chain, namely processing or distribution. Demand for faster procurement of goods in the booming age of technology has forced warehouses to adapt to new circumstances and new operations. Many commercial warehouses now offer a mix of services such as logistics and distribution to meet a wide range of client needs. Distribution is one of the last stages of the supply chain before products reach consumers. It can include services such as order fulfillment, packaging, product mixing, and cross-docking to keep goods moving efficiently and cost-effectively.

Running a business is a complicated endeavor. It can also be exciting and fulfilling with the right support in place. If your business has products that need to move from storage to packaging to point of sale, and you don’t know where to begin, you may want to consider working with a company that offers logistics warehousing and distribution to ensure all your business needs are met without spreading yourself too thin.